Vegetarian-Friendly Steakhouse: Not Such an Oxymoron After All

What happens when a man who loves beef and pork starts a romantic relationship with a woman who’s a vegetarian? Can they ever come to a meeting of the minds when they have dinner together at one another’s homes or go out for a romantic evening? What if the man’s favorite restaurant is a steakhouse? Fortunately, vegetarians typically are accustomed to being creative when it comes to ordering at restaurants specializing in meat dishes. They know exactly where to find tasty options on a menu at a website such as, where they are likely to check beforehand for possibilities.

The concept of a vegetarian-friendly steakhouse may sound like an oxymoron. Nevertheless, the vegetarian will be able to build a filling meal after perusing the menu. She might start with a chopped or wedge salad and an appetizer of sauteed mushrooms. A collection of side dishes can be put together for a full dinner. Jalapeno macaroni and cheese will appeal to someone who loves spicy food. In fact, the couple might be intrigued to learn that the restaurant menu at the featured website has won an award for the best mac and cheese in San Antonio.


Orders of fresh asparagus and fresh broccoli can be added. Mashed potatoes with roasted garlic is a delicious treat, and if the customer really loves cheese, choosing au gratin potatoes is a suitable decision. Now this customer has a truly colorful meal that might even catch the attention of other restaurant customers. If the two of them want to share a bottle of red or white wine, that’s a further dinner enhancement.

The meat lover may look at this plate full of food and still not imagine that it could be filling enough. After all, he’s got a big rib-eye or T-bone steak on his plate, and he figures all those vegetables just won’t get it done. Perhaps if his date orders dessert after dinner, he won’t feel so concerned. Cheesecake with berries, pecan pie and chocolate cake are all delightful ways to wrap up a big meal.

A talented chef at a place considered the best steakhouse will not be flummoxed when asked to prepare a meatless meal. Chefs generally enjoy being creative, and they’ll probably appreciate the challenge. The meat lover and the vegetarian who want to try out this adventure together may visit the website  and choose a time that is perfect for them.


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